7 Simple Self Care Practices to get you Through the Holiday Season

Veruschka del Rio, WFHGuru

A Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Life Coach, Nutrition Health Coach. Works with people looking to improve aspects of their personal and professional life through empowerment, self development, self awareness and removing mental blocks in order to achieve specific goals. Particular expertise in anxiety-related issues.

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With all the chaos, uncertainty, and stress of this year, we need to prioritize self-care more than ever. Let’s put it at the top of our list this holiday season.

One of my very favorite spiritual teachers says taking care of yourself is ‘self-full’ not ‘selfish.’  We simply can’t pour from an empty cup. With EVERYTHING taking place from home, I’m sure our personal time has become entangled with work time, family time, and everything else time. If we don’t separate and first take care of ourselves, it’s harder for us to take care of others.  

This year, the holidays are bound to feel a bit different and stressful, more so than any other year before. The pandemic will prevent many of us from enjoying large family meals and gatherings, and instead leave some of us feeling alone, isolated, and disconnected.  This can bring out anxious feelings and worry, even sadness.

So how do we choose to make the best of it during these challenging times? By focusing on our blessings and staying present in the moment.  It also helps to know that we are all going through this together.


Here are seven self-care practices to keep you healthy and strong during the holiday season and beyond.

Focus on the Blessings:  It’s easy to get caught up on the loss and limitations set around us.  Instead, focus on the good in the situation.  What have been the gifts this year has brought you?  Make a list.  It’s more meaningful when you see it on paper and you can reread it whenever your mind starts to slip. 

Breathe: Take a few minutes each day to sit and connect with your breath.  The simplest breath work to do is box breathing.  Take a slow inhale counting to 5, hold your breath for 5, exhale for 5 and hold for 5.  Visualize a box when you do it. Try to do at least 10 repetitions and slowly increase it everyday.  Focus on how you feel after.  Breathing helps to reset your nervous system.  You can do this anywhere anytime. 

Move:  Exercise and movement are the easiest way to change your mood immediately. It helps release endorphins which are the ‘feel good’ chemicals.  It increases circulation and gives you a surge in energy.  Movement burns off any anxious energy and if you do it with a partner, you can bond for an extra dose of dopamine. It’s also got added health benefits such as weight loss, better heart health and your lungs will be very happy.  Simply taking a walk around the block, spend some time in nature, hiking, or a yoga class will help.  Opt for 20 min a day and watch your life change. 

Sleep:  Studies show that most Americans simply don’t get enough sleep, which leads to everything from mood swings and cognitive difficulties, to poor academic and professional performance. Sleep deprivation also further exacerbates stress and anxiety. It’s best to shoot for 8-9 hours of shut-eye per night, but start with shooting for one extra hour if you can!

Create a You Space:  It feels so comforting to crawl into a corner of the house that is pleasing and nourishes your needs.  Find a little corner somewhere that you can make your own reading or meditation nook, or a space to do what fills your souls.  Fill it with candles and essential oils, a favorite picture or article that makes you feel good.  Keep this a sacred space only for unwinding.  Your nervous system will recognize to slow down when you enter this safe space. 

Set a goal:  Take time to set a goal for something you want to achieve in the weeks/months ahead.  Having a goal gives you purpose.  When you have something to look forward to, you immediately feel drive and it boosts your mood. 

These are just a few of the practices I’ve learned to incorporate throughout my day to help me check-in with myself and become more mindful of what may be threatening to throw me off balance. They are simple rituals, but they can have a lasting positive impact.


If you wish to work deeper on your health, self development or removing any limiting beliefs, please contact me at info@veruschkadelrio.com

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season! 


With love,


Veruschka del Rio

WFH Guru, Life Coach & Hypnosis Practitioner